Yeti 29er, roddels, geruchten,...

De roddels/geruchten rond een Yeti 29er worden steeds serieuzer, er zou nu wel degelijk een big wheeled Yeti komen!

Its not a rumour anymore as the bike is sitting on the factory floor.

I saw a proto HT tonight at Green Mountain, just a mile or so from Yeti HQ. Given that the guy was riding at 5 p.m. on the warmest night of the year so far, I think that most of Colorado's Front Range MTB crew saw it, too. I gave it the full eye grope. Klein style oversized aluminum tubing (no lie), tapered headtube, carbon seat and chain stays (with aluminum ARC-style looped dropouts) and a bolt-on front derailleur. Dude said the geo was pretty close to dialed and that it rode like a Yeti. It looked pretty sick. No official word on release date. He was a bit guarded on the FS version, said they were still working on it.

Misschien toch maar eens nadenken over een 1x9 (of 1x10) geared hardtail of full suspension yeti 29er als vervanger voor de Spark...;-)

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