The Butcher test de Pyga OneTEN29

en ik kan er alleen maar mee instemmen...


pyga test.JPG


If you ride and race UK gravity enduro events and are in it to win it then the Pyga will not disappoint. Nor will it if you are in it purely to ride at the weekend for fun. No exaggeration here, it is the fastest trail centre bike I’ve ridden to date, with a solid feeling suspension system and bang on geometry to boot. Everything I asked our Pyga to do, it did. It jumped, manualed, took me around turns faster (by 2mph remember) than ever before and never once got me into trouble due to fatigue or rider error.

After a final hard day’s riding (both up and down), when I finally got back to the van to go home, I actually patted the Pyga on the top tube and said, “That’ll do pet, that’ll do”.

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